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Garden City, New York Cosmetic Dentistry

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You Can Have a Hollywood Smile Too!
The picture perfect smiles you see on most fashion models, movie stars and singers are the result of cosmetic dentistry. If your smile is less than perfect, modern dental technology and new materials available today make it possible for you to reinvent your smile too.

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Furman as a person and dentist. Prior to going to Dr. Furman, I was terrified of the dental experience. No more. Outstanding dentistry in a pain free environment, I highly recommend Dr. Morey Furman.” – Susan, Great Neck, NY (Actual patient) Read more.

  • Free initial consultation includes comprehensive exam and X-rays. ($500 value)
  • Free Cleaning with Cosmetic Procedures
  • Chair-side Whitening - Only $395

A Smile Makeover – What’s Involved?

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of your smile through one or more cosmetic dental procedures. The makeover could include the use of any modalities in the dentist’s arsenal such as porcelain crowns, veneers, bonding, root canals, braces, dental implants and whitening. Thanks to the sophisticated materials dentists now use, you can expect your newly designed smile to feature the look and feel of natural teeth.

Tailoring Solutions for Your Dental Needs

Each dental procedure has its own benefits. We believe that it is important for every patient to explore treatment options and ask questions.
During your first consultation, which includes a free comprehensive exam and X-rays, we will talk with you about the changes you would like to make, review available options and determine the best procedures to achieve the results you expect.

General & Cosmetic Dental Services

Dr. Furman’s dental services include a variety of general and cosmetic solutions to transform your smile, including:

• Veneers • Cosmetic bonding
• Ceramic bridges • All ceramic crowns
• Implants • Invisalign
• Esthetic tooth contouring • Gum contouring
• Teeth whitening • Root Canals
• Extractions • Full & partial dentures
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Expertise and an Artistic Touch

At the Long Island dental office of Morey Furman, D.D.S., we have more than 25 years of experience creating beautiful smiles. Blending laser technology and cosmetic dentistry with an artistic touch, Dr. Furman has the skills you can count on to achieve the results you desire.

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